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merlin investigations

IRM’s exclusive and industry leading software captures both live and historic world wide social media postings. With the ability to target postings from designated locations or keywords, Insight provides your Organization with vital intelligence to make informed decisions to protect you and your brand.

covert/overt cameras

Industry leading IP Video solutions put IRM at the forefront of the electronic security market place. With experience designing and building leading edge video managed solutions our team has the capability to deliver IP video solutions in high definition in any environment.


computer & phone forensics

Our technology team fully understands that in today’s world, data matters. Forensic examination of computers and mobile devices is an increasingly important component of family law cases to complex corporate cases.

A mobile forensic investigation may include a full data retrieval operation on a smartphone or other PDA device, including any optional memory cards.
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link analysis

IRM’s analysts provide the next generation data analysis and support for your team of intelligence analysts, law enforcement, investigators, and researchers. Our team will find the critical link through your data, connecting persons of interest and tracking assets.  

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